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For People hair plays an utmost importance in beauty and personality. Good growth of hair is always appreciable and liked by everyone, be it man or a women. However in general females are the most conscious and caring about it. Hence the hair care is millions of dollars business today. Starting from small salon or the beauty parlours from the side lanes to big franchisees like L’oreal, Naturals, Affinity, Jawed Habib, VLCC, Geetanjali and many more…


The tips for keeping nice and healthy hair is not just external but also with how your inner health is. People suffering from bad health loose hair very easily. So the first criteria is to keep yourself fit and healthy. Maintain healthy diet with less of oily and fried stuffs and doing atleast moderate exercise.


Cleaning hair and managing it properly with oil and massage is an additional requirement for having good hair growth and upkeep. Massaging the of the hair roots increases the blood circulation that helps. It is exactly how the plants are watered to keep them healthy and growing, hair also needs such kind of treatment periodically for it’s health.


Some don’ts are also being listed here as a general advice which most of you are aware but needs to be reiterated for the sake of information share. Don’t be regular in using chemicals for any treatment to curl or straighten your hair. Excess use of chemical are always harmful, whatever the company might say. Only use it moderately for partying and socializing needs.

Dev Drishti believes in natural treatment. Ayurveda concept is to deal with pure herbs and natural products hence you can always use products as advised by the qualified Ayurveda doctors so that your hairs are glowing, flowing and shining in healthy manner.

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