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It is the fuel for the body. Right fuel keeps your body fit and healthy. Filling diesel in petrol vehicle will spoil the engine, It is as simple as that. Your body needs the right fuel for it’s consumption.

The God gifted Body has been engineered in such a way that it can manage slight variations few times nicely but excessive abuse leads to break down of the body’s internal system. The intestine, the lever and all internal organs involved in handling food gets taxed so much that they go weak and fail to work properly. The food value do not reach the body cells as needed and you fall ill or develop some complications. It is therefore you require right diet to remain healthy, happy and fit.


The body needs daily quota of its protein, vitamins, minerals, fibers and even water to conduct it’s internal functionalities effectively. People who eat just for taste compromise their diet intake and run the risk of getting malnourished. Fast foods, fried food and fizz etc. are wrong decision and similarly too much boozing is another way of abusing your body. However one more important aspect in diet is it’s time. When you eat is also of the same importance as what you eat.


It is advisable to keep your body hydrated by drinking proper quantity of water on daily basis. Water also helps in detoxifying your body. Besides that one can also detoxify by eating right food with fibers and lots of water such as fruits etc. Specially whenever you attend parties and have heavy and oily food, you must go for detoxification of your body by eating fruits and things that clean your system.


Dev Drishti has many such products that helps clean your system, such as raw honey and many more things. You can always take advice of doctors and go for it to keep your diet appropriate.

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