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Why Oiling on your Haircare


Nov 25 2020 1:03PM


Why should Oiling be a part of your Haircare?

When it comes to haircare, oiling is one of the most important procedures for hair care listed in Ayurveda. However, because of lack of time and knowledge or complication of the process, oiling has been greatly neglected these days, specially by the newer generation. This has to change. While the process sounds messy, oiling is actually one of the simplest and most relaxing procedures in Ayurveda. Once you’ve inculcated the process into your routine, you can see how worth it is to add to your self-care. But how does it work? According to Ayurveda, there are 3 doshas and an excess of any of them causes in various problems in your body. Your scalp on the other hand is a powerhouse of energy-relieving points – so everytime you oil your scalp, it extracts any excess doshas accumulated in the head to give you a relaxed state of mind and restore the bodies imbalances. Once the balance is restored, all the effects of excess doshas will be removed to give you healthy and happy hair by:

  1. Strengthening the hair and providing essential nutrients to the scalp - It helps to provide essential nutrients to the hair and helps to hydrate and nourish the scalp.
  2. Reducing hair fall and promotes growth - The presence of essential nutrients and oils, coupled with the practice of massaging the oil deep in the scalp helps strengthening the hair and improving hair growth. A huge cause of hair fall is dry hair, and oiling helps the hair to avoid dehydration and dryness.
  3. Managing fizz, dandruff and other hair problems–Oiling has a multi-dimensional effect on all types of hair. So essentially, it can help manage frizziness, curls, dandruff, lice and infections. It does so by reducing the dryness created by dust and pollution, thus, protecting the hair from external damage. Furthermore, some hair oils also have anti-bacterial properties which are great for infections.
  4. Conditioning the hair - Hair-oiling has the added advantage of softening and conditioning the hair. By providing nutrients, protecting the hair from pollution and the harsh effects of the sun, relieving stress and enhancing blood circulation in the head and neck area it makes the hair softer, shinier and healthier!

So, the next time your elders ask you to oil those roots, you know what to do! It’s never too late to oil, and you can start your oiling routine today with our Bhringraj oil or Kesh Shakti Oil, to make your hair strong, shiny and healthy!




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