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Ways of Universe to tame the Mankind


Oct 8 2020 10:29PM


Nature always corrects and resets the violation of nature's law to the extent, that could even reach the level of devastation for people. It happens once in a while but it definitely happens.

We humans are the most greedy species on this earth. We are intelligent, we are gifted powers to do things our way, we have minds and we can think and innovate and do things that other creatures just can't.  God gave these powers to we humans because HE made us in HIS mould and form.  We were given birth with so much of independence to do good things and experience it.  Help others, help environment by following the rules of nature and do things that helps make this place better place to live.  However, intelligence and aspiration to grow bigger than all makes humans bling. We exploit whatever is available the land, the plants, the air the water, the space and everything that's there for us as a gift from Nature.  To have it all attitude brings jealousy, feeling of competition and greed to become superior and things like that.

Today the issues we are facing is alarming, we are wiping away greeneries the Jungles, Water is getting scarce, Oceans are filled with garbage, so the Mountains. Killing of animals on mass scale and many such inhuman things happening around us are all being done by we humans only.  Global warming is on rise, major changes in weather and many unexpected natural calamities are taking place. Earth quakes and thunder storms, Tsunamis and such incidences are taking place increasingly.

This is not happening by any chance, it is the nature's response to the abuse that it is being subjected to by we humans.  Nature is all powerful, it is much bigger and larger than the humans facilities.  Nature can devastate everything and reset things and that's how humans get tamed.  Today corona times has taught a big lesson to each and every individual living on the earth.  It has shown that we cannot take the nature for granted. The pandemic of this kind has exposed the so called powerful nations and developed countries. Today everyone is scared and realising the value of restricting ourselves and be disciplined.

We must love and care mother nature and must follow the rules. We must also inculcate the same sense of responsibilities in our children so that the future generation can live their lives peacefully.  We must accept the fact that if we misbehave, Nature has the power to tame us.




Ritesh (13-10-2020 09:15:20)

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