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Ayurvedic myths busted now!


Dec 14 2020 5:05PM


6 Ayurvedic myths that should be busted now!

Ayurveda has been around for centuries – since then, times have changed, people have become more knowledgeable, there have been countless medical advancements, yet there is still so much misinformation around Ayurveda and everything that surrounds. We’re here to crack through some of those false deep-rooted beliefs about Ayurveda and provide you the facts and science behind this wonder of natural medicine.



Ayurveda is “a belief system”, “pseudoscience”, “spiritual” and “not based on scientific facts”

It is very important to know that Ayurveda is not just a belief – it is based on hard science, backed by years of experience and experimentation, and is vastly spread in scope and remedies. The origins of Ayurveda have been traced to around 6000 BCE and some concepts of Ayurveda that we see today have existed since the times of Indus Valley Civilization. Each medicine that is offered to you has to undergo trials, is approved under the drug department and has been made after proper experimentation. Each professional in the field (also known as Vaidyas) has to undergo years of training, just like an Allopathic doctor. In fact, there is a special ministry in India (AYUSH) which undertakes research and regulation in the Ayurvedic Industry.


Ayurvedic medicines are not as effective, they take a long time to cure and do not cure specific diseases

Ayurvedic treatments are based on the premise of curing the “cause of the disease” rather than the symptoms. Thus, unlike Allopathic or other medicines, Ayurvedic medicines don’t always treating the more visible symptoms. It diagnoses the cause of the disease and tries to uproot them perpetually, which can take some time. This is mistaken by many as ineffectiveness or long-term health and wellness. Thus, many actually relate to Ayurveda as an overall body wellness technique and limit it to a lifestyle. While Ayurveda does have herbs and pastes for everyday consumption and overall body health, it also has a solution for specific diseases and is the same as an Allopathic or Homeopathic medical system.


Ayurvedic medicines are only better suited for those in the older age groups

This is just as bizarre as saying that only our grandparents should be taking a crocin for fever or an antibiotic for their cold. The reason you might have seen our elder generation adopting more of Ayurvedic techniques is only because they are more knowledgeable and comfortable with this science. They have seen the wonders of Ayurveda and believe what it can do. Another reason could be that as you grow older, it is inevitability required of you to start taking care of your health. However, in reality, it is becoming more and more important for millennials to start caring about their health from a young age and taking proactive measures to curb any ailments at its cure – making Ayurveda more important for you than for anyone else!


Ayurveda only treats a limited number of diseases

Ayurveda can heal many ailments whether they are chronic, acute or just a common flu. In fact, there is a solution for almost every ailment under Ayurveda!


Ayurveda is restricted to herbs and things that grow on trees

Walking around in a forest, finding some leaves and herbs, and combining them in a boiling pot is NOT Ayurveda. The notion that Ayurveda is just about herbs and leaves, or that it is a vegan “medicine” practice is age-old and false. Ayurveda is essentially a which relies on deriving the nutrients from nature to bring back the balance in our bodies


Ayurveda has toxic chemicals and heavy metals

There are some medicines in Ayurveda that are made with metals such as gold, mercury and lead. Rasa Shastra or Indian Metallurgy was the earliest science in Ayurveda which research Metals and Minerals used individually or combined with herbs in medicines. However, the texts prescribe strict methods of purification and processes to be followed that ensure that these minerals are safe to consume and beneficial for your body. The medicines can only be of harm when these purification practices are not followed, and the medicines are made in bad faith someone not qualified or authorized to do so.


Incomplete knowledge can do more harm than good. These myths come in your way of trusting this science and adopting the concept of Ayurveda properly to add nutrition and wellness in your life. So, bust these myths open and adopt Ayurveda like the way it was meant to be and see the difference it brings to your health!



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