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Ayurveda is in Synchronization with Nature


Oct 9 2020 11:10AM


People who have learnt about Ayurveda know it's advent and it's vastness, it's purity. Ayurveda is the most ancient healing system, proven thru experiential processes by Rishis and Saints of India from the Vedic times. The simplest way to explain about Ayurveda is that it is in sync with the nature.  The principles of Ayurveda is based on nature and its purity. The remedies and medicines are all made from the natural resources including plants and rare herbs.

According to Ayurveda human body has to balance three doshas that has in every body, Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Whenever there's imbalance in our body of anything it creates disease in the body. No extra laboratory generated chemicals are normally used for the true Ayurveda medicines and it's treatments.  

The fundamentals are that we need to follow rules of the universe, the nature to remain healthy.  Lifestyle of today is very hectic and complicated which adds tensions, worries and all such negativities in us. We eat food while doing something else, we rush in everything, which is one of the major cause for the illness and issues that people are facing today. 

Nature wants us to be simple, nature wants us to slow down, feel the nature, breath the fresh air, move in the nature be in the nature and consume natural things. The principles that were laid thousands of years ago are still valid today. Our bodies are same, we are the product of the nature, we are not made of steel and cement. Hence we must respect the nature rules and follow it to be healthy and happy.




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