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A New Normal Lifestyle is must for world's survival


Oct 9 2020 11:09AM


The immense learning that Corona times have given to every individual world over is amazing.  Awareness about hygiene, cleanliness, being patient and stand in queue for service... and much more.

Hope this discipline continues  in us as a regular habit. We humans forget things very fast.  The moment our scientists come up with some proven medicine to save us from Corona, we humans may be back to our old ways. History shows us how almost every 100 years there's a pandemic like situations.  In 1720 it was plague, 1820 cholera, in 1920 spanish flu and in 2019 the corona pandemic.

We must learn to live life and care for the mother earth and nature. Normal lifestyle should be made healthy where care for every living beings are provided. Things that are polluting the atmosphere, water, air and things must be stopped at once, whatever may be the inconvenience. There's strong need to see things in long term and our vision should not be for seeking immediate gains. Such habits of we humans has brought this condition for the earth and in turn each one of us are suffering ourselves.

The message is clear, we must re think and set up a new lifestyle and make it normal by imposing it to be implemented all over. It is a must for our own survival. We should eat only things that are meant to be consumed for the humans. As per the earlier report, corona virus got created Wuhan in China as they had something to do with the bats. Some say it was created in a lab there.  Whatever it may be but playing dangerous with the lives of so many is just unimaginable.

World can only survive if we care about it. Care for the nature, the trees, the land the water and the air.  All these are in our hands. Let's resolve to change ourselves today for better.




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