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What's the Unique Concept about Membership @DevDrishti

Membership offer enables you to be part of the system and benefit in the long term. Membership costs are kept so affordable that anyone can avail it easily based on their budget and plan. Becoming a member you are entitled to FREE Ayurvedic Products of DevDrishti including medicines up to 2500/- per month and up to 30000/- for the whole year. The fees you pay for membership gets more than covered in the welcome kit itself........Unbelievable but it's true.

3 Steps to gain thru Easy Membership

Just grab this membership @DevDrishti, it's an unique concept with the sole purpose to
reach every household to spread immunity and give boost to good health for you and your family members as well.

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Membership Signup

Easy to do process from your Mobile or Laptop anytime anywhere. for you & Family

Get Immunity Kit

Immunity Kit worth 2.5K Delivered to your doorsteps under One year membership plan.

Free Ayurvedic Medicines

Get any Ayurvedic Medicines & Products from our online stores upto 2500/- per month

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Dev Drishti team has been in the Ayurveda Industry for 100+ years with the strong belief that Ayurveda can truly bring health, happiness and peace to every person, worldwide.

AYURVEDIC Products from DevDrishti not just for your Ailments and Immunity but your Mind and Souls too.

Herbal medicines provide

Diabetes, High/ Low Blood Pressure, Weakness, Obessity and Weight issue…. We have medicine and remedy for all

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Sign up & Relax. Ensure Healthy and Safe Life for yourself and Family for a full year.


You can Gift the membership to your loved ones too.

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Intent to Help community at large. By giving near FREE medicines and spreading immunity awareness in a big way.

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Strong Immunity ensures you are not affected by Virus. You are safe and healthy

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100+ years of Rich Experience brings pure, reliable and authentic Ayurveda products manufactured by ISO 9001-2000 certified unit.

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Following centuries old tradions of our Rishis & manufacturing under spirutually charged environment to give true healing touch not just to body but mind & soul to.

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Dev Drishti Ayurvedic Products are made of Pure Herbs in a Spiritually charged atmosphere vibrating with sacred Vedic Mantra Chants to keep your Mind, Body and Soul Safe, Healthy and Happy...

24x7 Help on Fingertips
Systems in place to make you comfortable by offering services at your convenience

DevDrishti Trust Factor
Utmost care to bring Quality products from ancient Ayurveda for Modern times.

Unique Membership Concept
Free Products for full one year under terms. Need of the time for you and your family

Secured Payment & Easy Shipment
Pay safely using Debit/Credit Card, UPI, all modes, easy delivery at your doorsteps.